''The key is not to be connected,
but to have the right connections ''


A graduate from the École des Beaux-Arts and Ontario College of Art and Design, Laure joined Elle magazine in Paris in 2000. She then moved on to the Publicis group before setting up Blush magazine - where she has been Editor-in-Chief for seven years - with the agency Publiscope.

At the same time, Laure has also been developing a consultancy business in France, Switzerland and the Middle East, working on Premium events and projects such as the second International Purple Economy Forum in Abu Dhabi.

Given her Global Expertise, luxury brands, establishments and tertiary companies have also drawn on her skills as they develop their businesses in the Middle East or create a brand identity.


Laure Delvigo

© Sandra Fourqui

© Thibault Breton pour Blush Magazine


Laure Delvigo

© Sandra Fourqui

Excellence in Public Relations

For Laure Delvigo, creativity and reactivity are essential.

At a time in which communication is so fast and images and information abound, Laure provides much-needed and detailed analysis of each project, whether developing media products or promoting brands in the Middle East, so the most suitable solution can be found. How to stand out through excellence

A Premium address book

A professional address book can open many doors and get the message across.

Laure Delvigo understood that from Day One and has built up an offline network through more than 10 years' experience in communications.

Her close relations with luxury brands and influential figures in France, Switzerland and the Gulf states make her the ideal communicator.

Laure Delvigo et Mohammed Sultan Al Habtoor - photo copyright Ayaad Damouni - Capital D Studio

Mohammed Sultan Al Habtoor

Laure Delvigo et Victoria Silvstedt

Victoria Silvstedt

Laure Delvigo et Béatrice Rosen- photo copyright Sandra Fourqui Blush

Béatrice Rosen

Laure Delvigo et Baptiste Giabiconi

Baptiste Giabiconi

Laure Delvigo et HE Sheikha Hend Al Qassimi

HE Sheikha Hend Al Qassimi

Laure Delvigo et H.R.H Princess Fay Jahan Ara

H.R.H Princess Fay Jahan Ara

Laure Delvigo et S.A.R. Princesse Tania de Bourbon-Parme

S.A.R. Princesse Tania de Bourbon-Parme

Laure Delvigo et Henri-Jean Servat

Henri-Jean Servat

Laure Delvigo et Estelle Lefébure

Estelle Lefébure

Laure Delvigo et Laura Smet

Laura Smet

Laure Delvigo et Camille Lacourt

Camille Lacourt


Promoting your activity in target magazines; Laure Delvigo will provide you with pan-spectrum support in which quality is the by-word.

Blush Magazine


A lifestyle concept focusing on art, luxury and celebrities with Laure Delvigo as Editor-in-Chief from its creation. Designed and produced by Publiscope, over the last seven years Blush has attracted an international, high-earner readership. Besides the high quality photo shoots showcasing couture collections, perfumes, fine watches and jewellery, Blush also runs a number of exclusive interviews with celebrities such as Brad Pitt or Madonna and includes the best addresses worldwide.

الأول for the Elite

First - For the Elite

The first France-Arab magazine, this collector edition is aimed exclusively at the Gulf's high society. Entirely designed and produced by Laure Delvigo in Paris and Dubai, الأول for the Elite highlights Premium advertisers, targeting the elite in the Middle East from the Emirates to Qatar: Royal families, leading businessmen and celebrities from the Gulf are redefining our approach to the Middle East.

HDP by Blush

HDP by Blush
Hôtel de Paris Saint-Tropez Magazine

Published by Publiscope, Laure Delvigo was a consultant for this lifestyle support for l'Hôtel de Paris Saint-Tropez.

© الأول First - For the Elite

Middle-east Consulting

Are you looking to develop your brand or business in a stable, developing market that is enjoying substantial growth? Thanks to her frequent missions in the Middle East, Laure Delvigo has contacts with an impressive network of decision-makers in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE.


© Diversum


Artistic Director of the International Polo Cup in Lyon for three years, Laure has acquired extensive events organisation experience, whether for major operations such as the second International Purple Economy Forum in Abu Dhabi or for more intimate gatherings.

From artistic direction to finding partners, Laure Delvigo will be able to help you with sponsorship and putting together a tailor-made event.


© Jean-Luc Scotto for Blush Magazine

Art Direction

Thanks to her studies at the École des Beaux-Arts, Laure Delvigo is able to advise you on how to give your brand identity a make-over with creative teams dedicated to each project.

Working with experienced graphic designers, photographers and website designers, Laure will handle photo shoots for your products as well as creating a logo, press pack or website.

Thanks to the network she has created, production costs are significantly reduced while quality remains as high as ever.

  • Blush Magazine - Sandra Fourqui
    Blush Magazine - Sandra Fourqui
  • Blush Magazine - Bucherer High Jewellery Collection -  J.L. Scotto
    Blush Magazine - Bucherer High Jewellery Collection - J.L. Scotto
  • لأول for the Elite - Thibault Breton
    الأول for the Elite - Thibault Breton
  • Tatler Magazine - Sandra Fourqui
    Tatler Magazine - Sandra Fourqui
Laure Delvigo Direction artistique

© Creation Christine Margossian - Photo Eric Ouaknine

© Sandra Fourqui pour Blush Magazine


Air France
Aston Martin
Al Biariq
U-Boat Italo Fontana
Olivier Durbano
Mont Blanc
The Adress
Aloft Abu Dhabi
Christine Margossian
Denis Durand
Rythme Commun
Cristallerie de Montbronn
La Réserve Beaulieu
Fontaine Pajot


Laure Delvigo Expertise

© Sandra Fourqui

  • Communications consultant
  • Middle East business development consultant
  • Magazine creation
  • Design-editorial
    ( brochures, press releases and packs )
  • Artistic direction
  • Photo production
    ( location, casting, photographer, hair-stylist, make-up artist, stylist, digital editing )
  • Sponsorship
  • Events organisation
  • Graphics ( Logos, catalogues, posters )
  • Web ( website design )
  • Social networks


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or to ask for a quote.

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